Chem Chem Lodge is a refined oasis with a calm energy that embodies the slow safari.
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About Chem Chem Lodge

At Chem Chem Lodge you’ll find yourself set between watering holes, savannah grasslands and a vast salt pan, where the immense sense of space is rivalled only by sublime privacy and sophisticated comforts.

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It's in the detail...

It’s a space where an organic palette of colour and texture reflects the natural beauty beyond.

Here, handcrafted furniture and artworks adorn the spacious lodge and airy suites, and every considered element is our tribute to the remarkable lands we call home.

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Celebrate with us

Celebrate the richness of Maasai culture, whether you choose to run with warriors or explore local village life.

Watch from the comfort of your patio, toast the sunset from a roaring campfire, and savour intimate gourmet dining

Safari Lodge

why we love it

Breathtaking Views

Whether gazing over the vast palm-fringed plains, or looking out from the shores of Lake Manyara, you’ll never be without something beautiful to be in awe of.


Chem Chem Lodge celebrates the richness of Maasai culture and allows you to discover the wilderness through the eyes of those who have lived and breathed it for centuries

Slow Safari feel

Surrender to a lifestyle with a slowed-down pace. The ethos of a slow safari invites deep reflection and tranquility that goes beyond the confines of a vehicle.

where you'll stay

rooms & suites

8 tented suites(including 1 family suite)

Maximum guests: 16 adults + 2 children

Indoor and outdoor showers

In room: fans, mosquito nets, in-room safe, hairdryer, telephone, gym-in-a-basket, butler service

WiFi is available in the main areas and all suites (*Please note that connection speed is variable)

Electricity is 220V mains power, using UK plugs

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signature experiences

Sunrise Hill Climb

There is a serene beauty to the landscape at dawn. Climb the hills between the two sides of the concession and gaze out across the vastness of the land we work to protect.

Scenic helicopter excursions

Feel the thrill of skimming above this vast East African wilderness with its incredible landscape. A selection of scenic flights can be booked, allowing you the chance to explore otherwise unreachable destinations. See the Ngorongoro Crater from above, view flamingos from the air, or simply book the chopper as your private transfer between lodges and camps.

Kids on safari

From learning bush skills from Maasai warriors and discovering new cultures to interactive cooking in camp and encountering wildlife – children have the chance to create unforgettable memories on safari. Children 8 years and older are welcome at Little Chem Chem, children 4 years and older are welcome at Chem Chem Lodge, and children of all ages are welcome at Forest Chem Chem.

Hot Air Ballooning

Rise before dawn and glide over the tops of ancient baobab trees as the world wakes up below. Watch from the air as the sun catches elephant herds, antelope, zebra and lion and enjoy a rustic bush breakfast at the end of your flight.

Flamingos of Lake Manyara

The sight of thousands of rose-coloured flamingos at sunrise is a matchless, magnificent sight. Their presence cannot be guaranteed and is based on seasonality, but if your timing is fortuitous, this is an experience not to be forgotten. Wade slowly towards them in rubber boots or watch in wonder from the shore.

Massage therapy

Let your senses slip into sheer relaxation mode with our small yet sumptuous range of body treatments. Drift away into slumber as you are gently pampered in serene surroundings.

Game Drives at Chem Chem

Discover the wildlife from a 4x4 Land Rover with one of our expert guides. With between 5 to 8 passengers only, all of the same group, it’s just you and the wilderness. Keep your eyes open for elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra, and so much more…

Maasai Blessing Ceremony

Join in a Maasai celebration as they weave the tapestry of their lives through song and dance. Be it a birth of a child, a wedding, or rite of passage, their traditional rituals make the Maasai culture one of the most vibrant world wide.

Bush Walk with the Maasai

Discover the wilderness through the eyes of those who have lived it and breathed it for centuries. Walk alongside a Maasai warrior in a rare opportunity to learn how this tribe live amongst wildlife.

Visit the local schools

Spend time with children at one of the schools supported by Chem Chem Association. Join in on an impromptu soccer game, or share some African songs. Learn from them as they learn from you.

Bush breakfast

Wake up with the birds and embark on an invigorating morning walk. Hear the bush come alive as the sun warms the earth and afterwards, settle down at the foot of a 3000-year-old baobab for a well-earned breakfast.

Maasai Celebrations

Music is one the powerful ways the Maasai share their stories. Listen in awe as the choir weaves the tapestry of their lives through song.

Sundowners on the shore of Lake Manyara

Relax on the tranquil shores of Lake Manyara, a drink in hand, after an exciting day exploring the bush. Gather your thoughts and appreciate the day that has been as you watch the sun set and the first stars appear.

Day trip to Tarangire National Park

Discover the vast elephant herds and huge baobabs of the breathtaking Tarangire National Park. Choose either a full or half-day excursion, including a picnic breakfast or lunch at a private site.

Lake Manyara National Park

After an early breakfast, journey to Lake Manyara National Park through far-flung villages. On arrival, explore the park and enjoy a picnic lunch. This excursion takes 8 hours.

Roam with big tuskers

Over time, both trust and respect are built between human and wild animal. Chem Chem, a safe haven with good food and water, offers exceptional viewing of the magnificent big tuskers that call the concession home.

Expand your cultural horizons

Immerse yourself in tribal culture and share authentic experiences and stories. At the Maasai boma, meet Chief Choroko and some of his wives. Or gain a rare glimpse into the lifestyle of the Barabaig tribe. A vivid and transformative encounter for any visitor.

Run with the Maasai

If you’re feeling active, join a Maasai warrior and run across the plains for an outdoor fitness experience unlike any other.

Track Wildlife on Foot

Follow in the footsteps of one our field guides on a quest to recognise and track wildlife on foot, often allowing the chance to come within 15 metres of some of nature’s most majestic creatures. Hear them, see them, smell them.

Tree Climbing Lions

The Manyara region is renowned for it’s unique feline behaviour unseen anywhere else in Africa. The lions here have long discovered the advantages of being able to survey their territory from above and can often be found adorning the trees for an afternoon nap.

Connected Adventure

Our Connected Adventure is a special collaboration between Chem Chem Safaris and Legendary Expeditions, celebrating the very best the northern circuit has to offer with an all-encompassing safari experience of unparalleled wildlife, landscapes and locations.

Your Impact

Each guest staying at Chem Chem Lodge makes a positive contribution to the thousands of people we help to support, the countless animals we help to protect, and to securing the invaluable legacy of the Kwakachinja Wildlife Corridor.

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