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at chem chem's heart is a love story...

...of wide-open skies and Africa’s wild spaces. But it’s also a tale of adventure, and of finding the courage to seek a new path, while changing the world for the better.

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fabia & nicolas' story

The tale of Chem Chem begins with a chance meeting between Fabia Bausch and Nicolas Negre at a time when both were reviewing their lives: she as a Swiss investment banker, he as a French-born hunting guide.


The beginning

After years in the corporate jungle, Fabia had grown to appreciate what was truly important to her: time, privacy and freedom, and was seeking to step away from the world of high-finance and pursue a more fulfilling life. While, as a passionate guide with extensive knowledge of the African wilderness, Nicolas had seen first-hand the damage caused by ruthless poaching and dreamed of doing more to protect the increasingly vulnerable wildlife.

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Although they came from different worlds, and found each other far from Africa, they discovered a mutual passion for the continent, and a shared dream to find and preserve an expanse of wilderness under threat from encroaching habitat loss, and to safeguard a natural haven for wildlife and wilderness lovers for generations to come

Building the dream

A quest for freedom and meaning took root and led them to northern Tanzania, where their shared dream became a reality in the formation of the Chem Chem Burunge Wildlife Management Area (WMA),a tract of land connecting an extinct migratory corridor between the Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks, long since decimated by illegal logging and poaching.

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So, with the undertaking to restore its wild beauty and create a buffer zone in which animals could continue to migrate across ancient routes, in 2008 they co-founded and launched the Chem Chem Association.The journey to restoring nature’s balance could begin.

Passion & Purpose

The merging of Fabia and Nicolas' different paths has resulted in a place that is both beautiful and purposeful.Today, secure amid a 16,000-hectare concession of restored Tanzanian wilderness are a trio of intimate safari lodges and vintage style camps, offering a limited number of visitors a unique safari experience with unparalleled access to this remarkable area in complete privacy. A verdant safari sanctuary where all tourism profits are ploughed back into protecting the land, its wildlife, and the community projects that make this a sustainable venture.

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Chem Chem is home to all that fuels Fabia and Nicolas’ passion–a harmonious blend of plentiful wildlife sightings with the chance to interact with rich cultures. Where visitors can slow down to age-old rhythms and find their own hearts filled with tranquillity and awe.Come share this glorious corner of Africa with them ...

There is no point in trying to protect wild animals and their habitat if we don't take care of the people who surround wildlife areas.

Elephants return to Lake Manyara after 40 years

Kwacuchinja corridor restored...

After just 10 short years, the re-establishment of the ancient Kwakuchinja migrational corridor has already proven invaluable with the emotional return of African elephants to bathe in Lake Manyara after an absence of nearly 40 years!

our impact

Tourism plays a crucial role in uplifting and benefiting our local communities. Each guest staying with us makes a positive contribution to not only the Chem Chem Association, but also the thousands of people we help to support, the countless animals we help protect and to securing the invaluable legacy of the land.

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Across Chem Chem's three properties, more than 140 team members from the surrounding communities have been given opportunities and training benefiting their families and extended community for over 1400 people.

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