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A postcard from... the elephants

Hello! ... from the elephants at Chem Chem

We haven't seen any new faces in a while - we hope to see you again soon. It has been very quiet and we miss posing for selfies with safari-goers, walking side-by-side, and watching them gaze at us wide-eyed and open-mouthed (they look so funny when they do that!).

During these quieter days, our thoughts wander to how grateful we are to be here. Not too long ago, we weren't as comfortable to roam the paths our ancestors used to walk every day. But in the last 7 years, we have seen that it is safe to cross from the Tarangire to this area and we can once again enjoy the freedom of roaming here with our families.

Today, we find ourselves bathing in the gorgeously cool waters of Lake Burunge - the mud is brilliant and there is enough space for all of us to swim together. We feel so much gratitude for the space that has been created for us to migrate freely through this corridor, even all the way to Lake Manyara.

Sometimes, it takes a bit of time with a few challenges along the way, to end up where you are meant to be.

We hope to see you soon. We need to show off our action shot poses that we've been working on!

Big love,
The ellies
Chem Chem Safaris


Your support has allowed Chem Chem to safeguard an important corridor and support the surrounding communities so that they can flourish. Our biggest joy has been to see the elephants migrate freely through the corridor again.

If you would like to contribute during these quieter times, we would be incredibly grateful. Have a wonderful long weekend with loved ones.


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