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A postcard from Melita

A postcard from Melita... 

Jambo! Hello!

I have the joy of sharing some of my culture's wisdom with guests who come to Chem Chem Lodge. Today, allow me to share some of that wisdom with you in your home.

In the Maasai culture, if we think too far into the future, our worries become too big. Our daily enrichment stems from being aware of what's going on around us.

Look at the scorpion in my hand and consider this:
It is important to our well-being to be mindful of each moment. Take each day slowly, feel more deeply, and appreciate the simple things.

Walk barefoot. Listen to the rhythm of your breath. Allow it to move you. Try to get some time outdoors. Tell a story of good memories.

For us, life is a journey, a distance that should be covered slowly. Go now and take time over the weekend to do something that fullfils you. Keep the Maasai way in mind.

I look forward to sharing a slow safari here at Chem Chem with you soon.

Kwaheri, goodbye,

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