“The freedom of a private concession,
the wildlife of the National Parks”

Manyara & Tarangire National Parks

Whether walking, exploring or relaxing at the Lodge or the Camp, this extraordinary location offers captivating panoramic views of the Rift Valley’s eastern escarpment on the west, Lake Burunge to the south and into the immense wilderness space of the Tarangire National Park to the north east – all showcasing the immense ancient Baobab trees for which the Tarangire is famous for. Tarangire undergoes a magical transformation from a baked, bronzed savannah during the dry season, to an oasis of lush greenery in the wet season. With herds of elephants, wildebeest, zebras, buffalo, impalas, gazelles and other mammals roaming the plains, as well as a menagerie of bird species stalking the canopy tree-tops.

Towards the east; lies the serenity of Lake Manyara National Park – vast yet calm, these waters are home to over 400 species of birdlife including storks, pelicans and elegant blush-coloured flamingos that hover gracefully above the lake. Troops of mischievous baboons and other primates also populate the marshland; however the park’s most notorious inhabitants are its tree-climbing lions.

Whether you choose to cruise through the game reserve and watch wildlife at play, or to stroll through the lush forests absorbing the natural beauty and serenity that surrounds them, you are guaranteed a front row seat of the action.

Fabia and Nicolas

Nicolas was born and raised in France, but has lived in Tanzania since 1995. His natural passion for wildlife and extensive knowledge of the African bush has made him one of the region’s most sought after guides. This passion, combined with his deep knowledge and understanding the bush and its wildlife, means that Chem Chem’s guests experience the true essence of safari.

Fabia grew up and lived in Switzerland. Her early career included 12 years immersed in the financial corporate world, where she exceeded the expectations of her colleagues and seniors alike, turning often stressful situations into invigorating opportunities. This time was crucial to Fabia’s growth as it taught her to appreciate what was truly important to her: time, privacy and freedom.


Having travelled the world, lived in the Tanzanian bush for fifteen years and tackled the corporate financial jungle, Fabia and Nicolas have each travelled a unique path towards a shared vision: to create a sanctuary in their beloved African wilderness. Chem Chem Safari Lodge is the realisation of that calling – a place where time, beauty and pleasure know no boundaries. Underlying this dream is an immense love and respect for nature, an understanding of the current challenges facing today’s precious wildlife, a passion to protect, not only animals, but their natural habitats and two sensitive souls that are dedicated to the philosophy that real life experiences far exceed the importance of materialistic possessions. For them, Chem Chem embodies this dream

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