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Building a better future

Chem Chem is so much more than an amazing wildlife experience – that is just part of what makes up the whole.

All around you, both seen and unseen, is an intricate ballet of balance between the community and conservation.

Philanthropists and conservationists, Nicolas and Fabia are dedicated to ensuring that balance is in place. Their non-profit Chem Chem Association, founded in 2008, is a vital cog in the philanthropy wheel.

Conflict between humans and wildlife, living off the same stretch of land, is an age-old challenge. But there are measures that can be taken to protect Africa’s most threatened species and habitats for the benefit of the traditional owners of the land. Chem Chem Philanthropy & Safari is committed to being part of the solution. The approach is twofold:

  • to uplift the surrounding rural communities through sustainable development.
  • to conserve the greater Tarangire Ecosystem – the wildlife and the land.
“If we want to protect and conserve wilderness areas and their wildlife, we must firstly uplift and make a meaningful difference to the lives of the people who live adjacent to these wilderness areas,” says Nicolas.
“There is no point in trying to protect wild animals and their habitat if we don't take care of the people who surround wildlife areas. Only by involving ourselves and engaging with the local communities are we able to understand and support their needs.”

One of the biggest drives is to create awareness of how the community can live alongside – and not in conflict with – wildlife and conservation projects.

Projects which require donor funding and ongoing focus include:

  • elephant conservation and anti-poaching;
  • lion protection;
  • community projects targeting education, human-wildlife conflict and awareness of value of wildlife to communities. Job creation in fields such as skills development, tourism, anti-poaching units and ranger training, is critical to this.

Active engagement and discussion is behind every decision and project. The Chem Chem Association encourages the traditional owners of the land to take responsibility for the wellbeing of the habitat, in order to secure its future. This way they can all benefit now and long term.

“We would be highly irresponsible to make the survival of wildlife and the uplifting of rural communities solely dependent on the success of the safari tourism industry,” says Fabia.

The vision is long term. But every day, every stay, every donation matters. It’s this easy to help:

  • Simply by staying at Chem Chem Lodge or Camps, you make a difference. Nightly tourism levies go directly to local communities. And each paid job feeds between 10 and 12 people back home.
  • There are numerous ways of getting involved through sponsorships, donations and physical involvement.
  • By becoming a donor to the non-profit Chem Chem Association, you will be making a genuine commitment to enriching communities and saving endangered species and habitats in Tanzania.

Nicolas and Fabia’s innate understanding of the area’s need for meaningful and lasting economic and social development is the driving force behind the success of Chem Chem.

Chem Chem Philanthropy
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