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Freedom. To graze. To roam. To drink. To be.

Conservation is the heartbeat of Chem Chem Philanthropy & Safaris. It is what fuels owners Fabia and Nicolas: the conservation of wildlife through open, safe migratory routes.

The Tarangire Eco-system in northern Tanzania, where Chem Chem sits, is a place of extraordinary beauty. It is a vast landscape that teems with iconic African mammals and birds – but it is under threat:

  • Poor communities are encroaching the fringes of protected areas.
  • Elephant and other wildlife poaching is on the rise.
  • Overgrazing by cattle impacts natural habitat.

There is a delicate balance between the needs of conservation and communities. It is one that the Philanthropy & Safaris crew works tirelessly to maintain. And just by being a guest at our Lodge and Camps, you too are part of the solution.

All tourism profits are ploughed back to uplift and educate the community through numerous projects and to protect wildlife, particularly elephants, from the ravages of poaching.

Everything is interwoven. A tapestry is created, linking tourists through unforgettable experiences to both wildlife conservation and rural communities.

You, with just a few nights under African skies, can be part of it.

Conservation Projects

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