Chem Chem Safari
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Safari, family-style...

When travelling with children, you bestow a gift that can never be lost, left behind or forgotten ... memories, quality time and a deeper understanding of our world.

Safari in Africa is a unique opportunity to present this gift in a deeply meaningful way, while making an active contribution to the families in our community and the wildlife of our region.

Make use of the upcoming school holidays for a family, Tanzanian adventure - we have some fabulous offers to make the most of a journey together.

Come to a place that was created for the love of the land, its people and its wildlife, and experience Africa in all its wonder...


Time together with elephants


Whether you have a family with young children, or prefer to travel as a multi-generational tribe, Chem Chem Safaris is the ideal family African adventure.

Each of our camps offers a 2-bedroom family tent, ideal to keep young ones close. All stays include a private vehicle & guide (subject to availability) and our safaris are tailored safaris to individual family needs and experiences.

With 4 tents and able to sleep up to 8 adults and 2 children, Forest Chem Chem is the perfect private bush camp with a private vehicle and guide!

From 2020, Chem Chem Lodge will be welcoming little ones of 4 years and older and Forest Chem Chem will be open for all ages, making this a perfect combination for younger families. Little Chem Chem age limit stays at 8 years and older.



Chem Chem Lodge is ideal for families of all shapes, sizes and ages with a host of walking, cultural and safari experiences, as well as a spa, pool and children centre.

For younger families: Forest Chem Chem - our private bush camp (all ages in 2020). With space for up 8 adults and 2 children, the experience is tailored to each family we welcome, and no two families are the same.


For older families: Little Chem Chem (ages 8 yrs+). Big game walking, vintage safari tents and the thrill of adventure creates an invigorating atmosphere.

TIP: These are completely different experiences with a 45-min, free private transfer between them. This will reduce transfer costs & travel time - ideal for families!

Looking to the horizon...