Chem Chem Safari
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Pink season...

At Chem Chem, time is about slowing down to appreciate the art and lifestyle of true East African safaris. Days here are spent on foot exploring the wilderness, driving through some of Africa's most abundant wildlife areas and discovering the raw, untamed beauty of Tanzania.

At no time of year do we feel more excited to wake up in the morning and explore than when the flamingoes arrive in their thousands. The vibrant birds turn the lakes into visions of pink. Our week has been spent wearing rose-tinted glasses with everything a little brighter and more colourful with pink as far as we can see!

As the sun rises over Chem Chem, venture out to walk along the lake shores and return to unwind in our spas or on your private deck. Each evening, savour a sundowner as the sun dips below the escarpment.

Speak with us or chat to your favourite travel agent to spend some time with us in the wilderness.

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It's more than safari, it's a lifestyle.
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