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Outside in...

Getting outside, and looking inward. When we travel, we are not only looking for something to post on Instagram - we travel to connect, to learn, to understand, to enrich our lives.

Immersion is trending in travel. Immersion in the landscape, the culture and the experience. At Chem Chem, we hold our commitment to the land, its people and our guests at the core. We encourage travellers to expand their horizons and go outside.

We have some spectacular opportunities for our guests to spend time with warriors, view the WMA from varying heights, or simply spend time in the bush reflecting and embracing the rarity of the experience. 

Photography tips for safari at Chem Chem

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Explore Chem Chem in Tanzania - more than safari, a lifestyle

NEW ACTIVITY: Hill Climb from Little Chem Chem or Chem Chem Lodge