Chem Chem Safari
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Our reason for being...

Chem Chem is a love story beginning with open spaces, big skies and a shared dream... It is a love affair with Africa, born of freedom, wild beauty and passion.

Fabia and Nicolas envisioned a conservation haven where all - the wildlife, the people and the land - would be respected and allowed the freedom to flourish. The merging of their paths has resulted in a place that is both beautiful and purposeful.

50 000 acres of private, untainted wilderness form the background for days spent exploring a balanced region evoking the spirit and intimacy of a vintage safari.

Through the Chem Chem Association, our region has been transformed into one that works together with a common purpose - a future of which we are all a part.

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Chem Chem 2009 vs 2019...

At the beginning, the land where Chem Chem stands required imagination and determination. With the vital connection between Lake Manyara and Tarangire national parks unused by wildlife, the private concessions had very little game.

By working with government, our national parks and communities, we have been able to re-establish this area as one of the most wildlife-dense and exciting private photographic safari destinations in north Tanzania.

Balancing what our communities need to flourish and what our wildlife need to be protected is an intricate ballet. The Chem Chem Association is dedicated to ensuring this balance is in place with your amazing support.