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Introducing our new App!

                                                Our brand new App!

We have been working on an exciting project. One of my many dreams has always been to have our very own Chem Chem App; something to transform our guests' experience and that feeds into their anticipation for their upcoming trip... And now, my dream has finally come true and I am excited to announce that we are launching our brand new App!

With access to everything a guest may wish to know before, during and after their slow safari experience, our App simply allows for an easier flow of information - both 'interesting to know' and factual - right at your fingertips!

Now is as good a time than ever to invest time and effort into ways we can remove unnecessary points of physical contact, and to protect our planet. By using this application during a visit, we can both protect our environment by using less paper and also remove the anxiety of handling brochures and other touch points around camp.

Enjoy your journey through our App. We hope it's useful for you in future.

Big kiss,


Our easy-to-use application, accessible completely offline after your first download, is hosted on a platform called Vamoos. Download it in four easy steps:
                                                                                     Vamoos Application
Step ONE
Download Vamoos:
App Store | Play Store
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Step TWO
Add in the User ID: CHEMCHEM then SKIP the next step
Allow time to load, then EXPLORE!
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                                                                                 Share with your friends or family

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