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If not now, then...

We are approaching the time of year when dry savanna becomes rolling grasslands, amber turns emerald and newborns find their feet within a lush new landscape. 

Each year from November to May, the Green Season in Tanzania brings life sustaining rains to a parched landscape and the wildlife take advantage of fresh grazing.

The rains announce the birthing season which means adorable young cubs, calves and foals dot the newly green landscape. The start of Pink Season with thousand of flamingos arriving on Lake Manyara commences turning the hues of brown and gold to pink, white and black.

Exceptional birding opportunities abound as numerous migratory flocks take up residence at the nearby lakes and National Parks. Capture each moment with outstanding photographic opportunities as a result of the soft light, clear air and dramatic skies.

Not to mention, the smell of fresh rain on dusty earth, an addictive scent.

Still in the Dry Season, the latest sightings at Little Chem Chem have been of particular note with a number of incredible wildlife interactions witnessed while on safari.

With limited space still available this year, contact us or your favourite agent to enquire about the trip of a lifetime in Tanzania at Chem Chem. If not now, then we look forward to welcoming you, your friends or family later this year.

Video - Little Chem Chem in Green season

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