Chem Chem Safari
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A Food Safari

From dusk to dawn, our chefs take guests along a culinary journey connecting one experience to another... It's a nourishing safari like no other, here's some food for thought:

At Chem Chem, we believe that celebrations pair best with food.

Birthdays are to be celebrated with a cake because what's a birthday without cake? Our chefs bake a scrumptious one. At Chem Chem Lodge, guests have a choice of chocolate or lemon meringue. At Little Chem Chem & Forest Chem Chem, we offer chocolate deliciousness.

Honey-moon says it all. Our newly wed guests enjoy an intimate candlelit dinner in a secluded setting, massages (Chem Chem Lodge & Little Chem Chem), romantic sun-downers with 200 red roses, a private butler and pink prosecco! A tasteful celebration.

Chem Chem is a family affair. We love welcoming all generations to our corner of Africa. We even have a menu designed with your little cubs in mind. Please ENQUIRE to have a peek.



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