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[COVID-19] & how we can work together

We understand that the COVID-19 virus is causing concern for travellers across the globe as they carefully consider whether to continue with their travel plans. Please speak to us if you have any concerns. We are committed to collaborating and being flexible where possible.

As of today (6 March 2020), there are no suspected or confirmed cases of the virus in Tanzania nor Kenya (a key travel link in Africa from international hubs). For us, we will continue to operate as usual and are monitoring the situation carefully. The wellbeing of our guests will always come first.

With this in mind, we wanted to share some of our reasons to keep travelling and exploring the world for moving and authentic experiences, in safety and comfort.


                                  Elephant tracking at Little Chem Chem

For those who keep calm & travel on

10 reasons to keep travelling & to discover new places

  1. Located on a private concession, explore away from the crowds.
  2. We aim to give each booking a private guide and vehicle, so you will have the freedom to explore at your leisure with just your travel companions.
  3. Our new opportunity to take immersive photos with the tuskers of our concession - the best time is June - October (soon!).
  4. Find peace away from the hubbub with our vintage-style accommodation (no TVs, no newspapers, no radio - just wilderness).
  5. They say travel is the only thing we spend money on that makes us richer, so let us continue to enrich our lives this year.
  1. There are no travel restrictions from the World Health Organisation thus far.
  2. Tanzania and Kenya have no reported or suspected cases to date (06.03.2020).
  3. By working together and being flexible, our businesses will continue to operate despite the current climate.
  4. Staying at home doesn't guarantee you won't come into contact, and the world outside offers so much more to explore.
  5. We are flexible in postponing journeys where possible should travel restrictions on outward bound travellers or on Tanzania come into effect.
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