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Why should we start a blog about our Safari Lodge… as there are so many blogs coursing around our digital clouds? However listening carefully to our marketing consultants and social media it seems that out there is YOU – You who is curious to read, curious to get to know and hear new things from a place you might only have read about on another blog or seen in a magazine. Maybe there is a You – who has visited us and want to know how the story continues, what is happening to the elephants we are protecting, to the kids we enable with new learning facilities and the Maasai who have or will open their homes to you.

However when the topic “blog” came up – it was clear I do not just want to create another wilderness report – for me Safari & Wilderness is much more than just animals, more than just bush and savannah – this all together is a way of living – a lifestyle – a way of “savoir vivre”.

Let’s quickly turn the clock back 10 year’s – this is when Nicolas and I met in the Bahamas at a friend’s place. I had just quit my quiet, lucrative job as an investment banker and Nicolas was looking for a new way to live in his beloved bush after having become one of Tanzania’s most respectful and requested professional hunters – he realized he grew out of the role and wanted to put his energy into conservation. So late summer 2005, we sat on my balcony overlooking the Lake of Zurich in Switzerland – ah maybe I should mention – I am Swiss and Nicolas is French. Anyway, on the balcony together with a delicious Italian red wine we started to sketch what today is called Chem Chem. It took us over 2 years to find the location, and another 3 years to build and create Chem Chem Lodge. I could write an entire blog just about that experience but will summarize this with Mark Twain: “it was impossible, so they did it”.

What I would love to share with you in our blog is how our lives are in the bush, it will not only contain stories about the animals, stories about our employees and about our philanthropic engagements – but also tell you why you don’t need to look like you’re crossing the Alps or walking the St Jacob path – going on Safari is probably the only out-door activity you can dress up for. More secrets on that later. For the more adventurous, I will write stories on how we build hides to observe animals at waterholes, teach you how to throw a Maasai spear without looking Goofy and on how we organize our anti-poaching team.

As you see our life out here has so many different facets that it would be a shame just to scale it down to only animal sightings. How much do you know about the power of grained Baobab seeds? Why the leaves of the Maringa Tree are carrying 100 times more Vitamin C than an orange and on top of it are the best natural cholesterols killer or if the Milk-Blood cocktail really is going to be next generations energy drink?

There will be interviews with our chefs and with Maasai women on how they nourish their families. We will visit farmers whose harvests get destroyed year after year by elephants – keeping in mind there is nothing like an “elephant-harvest-insurance” in this part of the world – and fences are not allowed in Tanzania.

And last but not least I would like to share with you stories from the villagers, employees, rangers and others who do live in our surrounding area – so far from what we consider civilization but sharing such similar thoughts on peace, war, happiness and love.

Hope to have you back in a couple of days for the continuation of the Safari of the Chem Chem blog.