Chem Chem Safari
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Au Revoir 2016...

As the sun sets on 2016, we reflect on the remarkable year that we've had at Chem Chem Safaris. Scroll down for our highlights.

We have witnessed flamingoes and pelicans in their thousands - coating Lake
Manyara and Lake Burunge in a thick pink layer. We estimate that they will be with
us until March 2017, it truly is a sight to behold.

We have shared special moments and celebrated with many, we look forward to all
the Maasai blessings in 2017.

Guests, our community and staff alike have witnessed the success of our
conservation initiatives each and every day. Our journey continues as we strive for
new heights in the new year. 

The big tuskers have enjoyed a safe haven in the Little Chem Chem wildlife management area.
The breeding herds continue to grow and flourish.

New life is a blessing. We have been privileged to follow the journey into adulthood
of an array of species.

We shared in the delight of youth experiencing Africa for the first time.

Chem Chem Safaris has brought together friends, family and loved ones.

When we felt like it, we ventured for miles to explore the area, and other days we
didn't even leave the lodge.

Our ethos continues, safari at your pace.

Lastly, we would like to thank YOU for contributing to our success story.
We wish you happiness, prosperity, health and a Chem Chem Safari in 2017.