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A postcard to celebrate...


The Chem Chem Soccer League Kick4Wildlife tournament is now afoot for a 6th year ... and attracting hundreds of spectators every day.

Our hill hiking guide, Teofil, from the nearest village of Mdori goes to watch the games almost everyday in between his guided hikes for guests at Vilima Vitatu, the Three Hills. We caught up with him about the tournament and Chem Chem Association...

“Having an organised tournament like this in our community makes us feel so proud. People are coming from far and wide to watch the games and at the same time, it helps to show them what the collaboration between Chem Chem and this community has achieved for this area.

Watching these games is a welcome break in everybody’s lives and has even created business opportunities for local vendors who are quickly selling out of ice cream, candy and soft drinks. The stadium is adorned with paintings of our Tanzanian wildlife and is a reminder how far our community has come because of our involvement in conserving the animals around us.” -

All the more reason for us to celebrate this week, we have enjoyed numerous sightings lately of elephants on the Lake Manyara side of the concession. This continues to prove the ancient elephant migratory path is being used once more after 30 years of quietness.

Come and share in the celebration!

Tunasikia heri,
Teofil & Erik


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 Chem Chem Association Football Tournament 2018

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