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A postcard from Riccardo...


The last few months have been filled with rewarding moments and elephantine progress with our community and conservation projects.

Fostering passion for long term conservation is at our core at Chem Chem. Through the Chem Chem Association, we are taking strides alongside our communities and the national government to secure Tanzania's natural heritage here in the greater Tarangire and Lake Manyara region. And we are excited to share it with you!

With the added support of our donors and you - our guests - we are able to grow our projects within the communities and beyond. Thank you for being by our side, you are making a tangible difference to the area each time you stay with us. Read on to find out more about what we have experienced this year at the Chem Chem Association as a result of your support.

We have a vision to see the land, its wildlife and people living as one in harmony for generations to come. We are honoured to be a part of this journey and thank you for joining us en route to a future that is bountiful, balanced and blessed.

Asante sana,

Riccardo Tosi (Executive Director, Chem Chem Association)

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Association & Collar Project Team


In 2009, the Kwakuchinja Corridor between Tarangire and Lake Manyara nationals parks was declared extinct. Since we started actively patrolling the corridor, tracks, spoor and visual sightings have proved it active again.

Last week, together with the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute, we launched a new research and monitoring project with the collaring of 5 elephants (3 bulls and 2 females in our area of operation) and the deployment of 30 camera traps within the corridor. These projects will provide us with much needed data on the movement and existence of species using the corridor.


Elephants spotted near Chem Chem Lodge


The first guests of Chem Chem Lodge to witness elephants on the Manyara-side of our concession, after more than 30 years of their absence, checked-in few days ago and were treated to a rare sight. Our guide teams saw them earlier this year, however to share this moment with our guests was truly remarkable and proves with hard work, dreams come true!

The Chem Chem Association has been instrumental in the reawakening of this ancient elephant pathway between the Tarangire and Lake Manyara national parks. This was a moment where tourism and conservation met as old friends in celebration of a future walking alongside one another.



Children on their first safari


Initiated in August this year as a pilot program for tangible education through safari, the Chem Chem Association is working alongside Chem Chem Safaris to bring children from the nearby communities on their first safaris.

The preliminary trips proved so impactful, that the project hopes to lead safaris for children twice a month in future. For the first time, these children are viewing wildlife - especially elephants - in a serene, non-confrontational scenario. Mesmerised by the calm experience, their awe proves that education is key to removing the fear of wildlife held by communities and inspiring conflict-free resolutions. The project will continue to grow and looks to include adult community members from next year.



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