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A postcard from Mike...

Jambo! And welcome to the beginning of safari season at Chem Chem.

Chem Chem enjoys a rich cultural life, where guests can join in and learn about our stories, history, language and more. Here is a quick language lesson. Did you know that Tarangire means 'river of warthogs' in Mbugwe?

The Mbugwe tribe believe that they are one of the first tribes that migrated from Asia to Africa. It took about 47 years for them to get here, and once here, they split into 3 groups: one stayed, and the other two groups moved south to Kondoa and Singida.

The Manyara region is the only place on the African continent where four great ethnic groups meet. These four groups are: the Bantu, who are the majority and are from West Africa; Cushitic (Afroasisatic), like Iraqw and Mbugwe; the Nilotic, like the Maasai; and the San.

A special cultural activity is the sunrise hill climb. Guests are welcome to join us on a hike early in the morning to catch the sunrise with coffee and 360 degree views, led by someone from the nearby community.

Come and join us to experience it for yourself...

Yours in safari,

Mike (Chem Chem Guide)

“Culture Vulture”

Mike is our philanthropist guide. Maasai in origin, he has an amazing, warm east-African way with families. He can keep you entertained for hours talking about the local Tanzanian cultures and his many experiences in the wild.


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