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A postcard from Kara...


The past 5 years has passed by in the blink of an eye as we became a part of the evolution of Chem Chem.

I arrived just after Little Chem Chem opened, and I remember the first elephant I met on the concession ... a gentle giant identified as ‘Chris’. He passed away of old age just over a year ago, and while this was sad in many respects, the beauty of his many years on earth indicates that the protection of this area is a haven for some of the last big tuskers in Tanzania.

The immersive experiences in nature are often life changing moments. Coffee at Little Chem Chem with the sunrise over the lake shore of the Burunge ... the flood of pink flamingoes hovering as mirage on the horizon ... the search for Omo, our resident white giraffe who can appear almost as if a mystical illusion amongst the foliage ... Absorb the sights, sounds and smells of nature at its purest form.

The uniqueness of tailoring every day is so important – you have chosen to spend your time with us, and we treat this honour with utmost respect and care.

Yours in safari


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A few of Kara's favourite moments from Chem Chem in her first 5 years