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A postcard from ... Fabia


The start of the new year also coincides with the short green season reminding us of new beginnings, growth and the restorative power of nature.

Take time to breathe it in this year. Slow the pace, spend more time at your destinations and feel the unique energy of the wilderness you find yourself within. Meet the people who call it home and learn from the rhythms of the bush.

Too often we race from place to place and see safari as wildlife tick-box. At Chem Chem, it's more than a safari, it's a lifestyle. And here is everything we are looking forward to immersing ourselves in this year...

Big kiss,



The art of slow safari

Sundowners ... Lasting for hours on the shores of Lake Manyara and Lake Burunge.

Walking ... In the open bush alongside giraffe, zebra, wildebeest and elephants.

Bush Dining ... Beneath baobab trees or in pockets of acacia for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sunrise ... Over our privately managed concession with a hill climb and coffee stop.

Close encounters ... We try to give each booking their own vehicle and guide for absolute freedom.

Watch and listen ... The beauty of being still, sunlight upon our skin, with wildlife's ebb and flow.