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A postcard from Erik


I joined Chem Chem about 2 months ago as the new head guide, and what a fantastic time it has been! During my first game drive in the area, we encountered a coalition of 3 big male lions and a new born elephant calf. The walks have been nothing short of amazing. We have approached the biggest elephant bulls I have ever seen and strolled through herds of hundreds of zebras during sunset. It's been surreal.

Being born in Tanzania probably contributed to my soul being welded to the country’s wild areas. With the rains at an end, the grasslands are starting to dry out and hundreds of plains game can be seen coming for a drink at the best water spots (we are so excited to share them with you). Bring your favourite walking boots and a camera to capture the action and you’ll be set for adventure!

We will be here ready to welcome you to our own wild paradise.
I hope to meet you soon,

Erik (Head Guide)

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