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A postcard from Christelle


And so happy to meet everyone having arrived at Chem Chem as the new Lodge Manager only a few short weeks ago from the undulating waves of the ocean, to the undulating plains of Africa...

Nature has a way of communing with your soul. And Chem Chem has spoken to me! A beautiful place of warmth, laughter and serene contentment is not one you come by often, but I have found it here, and feel as though I have come home.

My first few weeks have been magical and I feel as though I’ve been part of this team, this land and this community all my life.

Here, much like our guests, I have found grace, joy and beauty like no other. Baobabs stand silent sentinel over all who pass beneath marking the generations in their stoic observation. A mischievous mongoose gleefully runs over my desk, knocking over my coffee en route to breakfast leaving me in a fit of laughter. This morning, expeditious warthogs were enjoying the water intended for my morning shower. Each day holds a treasured adventure and a feeling of unbridled joy.

Listen as the wind and grass whisper to you over the plains... Join us and experience the magic that is Chem Chem.

Yours in safari,

Chem Chem Lodge Manager

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